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Türkiye ve dünyanın 30'dan fazla ülkesine makine ihraç ediyoruz.

Hızla büyüyen ekibi ile 7/24 destek operasyonunu sürdüren ve sürekli AR-GE politikası ile kendini yenileyen Schnitzer, pazarın ihtiyaçları doğrultusunda hareket etmekte, ürün arzını müşterisinden gelen talebe göre yenilemektedir.




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Well Maintained

We are exclusively reputed for our maintenance of everything specifically Schedule.

Industrial Specialist

We have experienced specialists on every branch of our work so that we stay in the line.

Latest Equipmets

We are just on top of the tide when it comes to the equipments. We use the latest of them all.

Safety Commitment

“Success will always be with you, as long as you place safety as the first priority” and we firmly believe in it.
We are Solustrid

About Industry

Industry is what is sitting on the driving sit of the current world economy. We “Solustrid” are here to support that economy through that driver and we proudly want to say that we have succeeded with so many ups and downs for the past 25 years with the family we built with the love of our customers. And we hope to continue doing that for years to come and make our family bigger than ever.
  • Leading industrial solutions with best machinery
  • Years of experience and Learning
  • Experienced specialist researchers.
  • Reputed for maintaining Schedule
  • Latest of the Equipments
  • Committed for the safety of the customers

Daniel Ricardo

We are Solustrid

For Industries

Solustrid provide the best of services and is the bridge among all the industrial services and manufacturing industries.

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We always bring good quality services with 100% safety measuresF
We are Solustrid

Recent Projects

We produce positive results from ever-growing Industrial & manufacturing estates.

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Factories Production
Management & Services
We are Solustrid

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